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Fraser Medical Clinic

Our clinic is inclusive, welcoming individuals of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. We aim to provide an open and nonjudgmental environment where you can be yourself

We practice a patient-centered care, where individual’s specific health needs and desired health outcomes are the driving force behind all health care and Aesthetics Care decisions and quality measurements. Patients and clients are partners with their health care providers.

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Fraser Medical Aesthetics

Your destination for private and inclusive medical aesthetics.

Our aesthetics clinic is dedicated to providing comfortable and discreet treatments for your body and skin concerns within the privacy of our patient rooms. We harness the power of science to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin.

As the gold standard in advanced medical aesthetics and cosmetic treatments, we are committed to offering sophisticated techniques and professional-grade products to enhance your natural beauty. Our mission is to deliver compassionate and attentive care, ensuring that every client receives personalized and effective treatment.


We provide immunizations to kids and adults. Keep your vaccination records up-to-date at our medical clinic in Maple Ridge, BC. We also provide travel immunizations if you are planning a trip to a foreign country.

Well Woman Health

Schedule your annual well woman exams at Fraser Medical Clinic. These exams are a great way to carefully track your reproductive health and stay ahead of cervical cancer, breast cancer and more. We also provide IUDs for female birth control.

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Obesity Care

The physicians at Fraser Medical Clinic have specialized training in obesity care and a nutritionist is available at our clinic every Tuesday. Obesity care can help you lose weight and reduce the health risks associated with a body mass index (BMI) over 30.

Minor Procedures

At Fraser Medical Clinic, our treatment room is equipped with the latest technology and instruments so that we can provide minor medical procedures. Some of these procedures include cryotherapy, biopsy, lesion excisions, removal of sutures/staples and more.

Physician Recruitment

We are always looking for new, innovative physicians to join our team. Fraser Medical Clinic is a full service primary care facility promoting the health of our patients by providing highest-quality, innovative, comprehensive, personalized health care.