Well woman health in Maple Ridge, BC

Well woman exams are a must for women of all ages. We understand that life gets busy with family, work, and everything in between. However, it is imperative that you don’t neglect your health. Annual well woman health exams ensure that your reproductive health is carefully tracked. If any changes or abnormalities are detected, your physician can identify and treat any issues as they arise. Early detection is key with any illness. At Fraser Medical Clinic, our doctors provide intimate, thorough examinations, priding themselves on excellent service and attentive care.

What is a well woman health exam?

A well woman health exam is an annual physical examination specifically tailored for women. Generally, during these exams, a women will have a head to toe physical examination, blood tests, pap smear, breast exam, review of sexual history and contraceptive use, and go over any other issues or ailments, at the patient’s request. The older a woman gets, the more likely the exam will shift. As she grows older, her exam may become more extensive.

What is a pap smear?

A pap smear is a test performed on the cervix, a small passage located at the lower end of the uterus. By collecting a swab of cells from the cervix, a pap smear is used to detect any abnormalities that may be indicative of cervical cancer. A pap smear can detect pre-cancerous and cancerous cells within the cervix. Depending upon a woman’s age, pap smears are recommended in different intervals. Generally, pap smears are recommended every 3-5 years based on your medical history, age, and if you are having regular HPV tests.

How can I prepare for my well woman exam?

To ensure a successful and efficient well woman exam, be sure your medical professional has your family and personal medical history. Additionally, you should make sure you have any current or past medications for your doctor. Finally, if you are experiencing any noticeable changes to your health, make note and address them during your visit. Significant changes should not wait and should be addressed immediately.

What is an IUD?

An intrauterine device, also known as an IUD, is one of the most effective forms of birth control on the market. Over 99% effective, an IUD is inserted into the uterus and releases hormones to prevent conception during intercourse. An IUD must be inserted and removed by a physician.

Why would an IUD be removed?

An IUD may be removed for several reasons. Sometimes it will taken out at the patient’s request, either because the patient doesn’t like the device or has side effects. Sometimes the patient has decided to start a family and would like to become pregnant, so the device must be removed to allow conception. Similarly, the IUD may have run its course. IUDs cannot stay inside the body forever, and they do not dissolve. Therefore, IUDs must be replaced when they become inactive. Different IUDs last for different periods of time. By tracking your medical history, your doctor determines if it’s time to remove and replace your IUD. An IUD removal is simple, but it should only be performed by a medical professional.

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