Medical Aesthetic Practitioner: Loni

Often said the most important component is not only the therapy or procedure itself, but the person performing. So it is true with Loni. Her scope of practice encompasses a broad spectrum of treatments and procedures aimed at enhancing clients’ appearance, self-image, and confidence.  With advanced training, aesthetic practitioners possess extensive knowledge in medical and cosmetic therapies. Their qualifications empower them to autonomously perform on a variety of treatments and play a crucial role in providing skilled and tactful care, considering factors beyond cosmetic appearance, such as addressing fears of aging, the pain scarring, the embarrassment of acne, concerns of facial symmetry, injury, and body dysphoria,  Loni takes care to ensure clients are comfort from the beginning to the end of treatment.

Thanks to advancements that enable practitioners to achieve gradual and natural results. Notably, patients are no longer confined to waiting until a certain age for treatment to be deemed acceptable.

Registered Nurse in Practice: Kayla RN (C) BSN

Registered Nurse in Primary Practice, Kayla, is focused on health promotion and provides comprehensive primary care within their expanded scope of practice. This includes: identifying and treating minor illnesses such as ear and bladder infections, managing chronic diseases, immunizations and co-ordinating care and other support services.

Clinical Pharmacist: Ken Lee  BSc. (Pharm), RPh

Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist, Ken, works directly with physicians, other health professionals, and patients to ensure that the medications prescribed for patients contribute to the best possible health outcomes. Ken is also available for mental health assessments, when referred by the GP.

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)®: Harman Sidhu RN, CDE, CPT 

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)® , Harman, is a health professional, committed to excellence in diabetes education, who has a sound knowledge base in diabetes care/management and education processes, as well as good communication skills and who has passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator’s Certification Board (CDECB) exam

Respiratory therapist (RT), Carey, BSc (Respiratory Therapy)

Respiratory therapist (RT), Carey, collaborates with the primary care team to support the diagnosis and provide treatment and care of patients with airway, respiratory and cardiopulmonary disorders

Administration: Care Coordinators – Medical Office Assistant

Medical assistants are important in care coordination and typically conduct patient interviews and document medical histories, measure vital signs such as blood pressure height, weight, and assist physicians during examinations. In a doctor’s office, a medical office assistant plays a crucial role in daily operations, managing appointment requests, importing test results and calling and emailing  patients to ensure office efficiency and the delivery of top-notch services and care to patients. Their responsibility is to provide essential support services for the day-to-day functioning of the office, handling administrative tasks to guarantee patients receive high-quality care

Director Fraser Medical Clinic: Eileen

With a background in chemistry and business, and 30 years of experience in the medical field, Eileen’s responsibilities range from strategically planning, organizing, and leading the delivery of healthcare services for both the Medical and Aesthetic Clinics. She collaborates with the medical team to establish and uphold standards for healthcare service delivery. Implement evaluation systems to consistently monitor and improve the quality of healthcare for patients. She supervises the efficient utilization of services, optimize appointment scheduling and resource allocation. Develops comprehensive plans for new programs, special projects, material acquisitions, and future staffing levels. She is directly responsible for all financial aspects of the practice including, accounts payables, receivables and medical billing.