Patient education in Maple Ridge, BC

At Fraser Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on not only providing quality medical care but in-depth medical and health education for our patients. Through patient education, our specialists believe they can make a lasting impact on a patient’s health. Thus, our providers ensure patients not only understand their illness, but they also leave with tools and tips to help alleviate their ailments and improve their overall quality of life.

What is COPD?

COPD, also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a multitude of lung diseases that obstruct the airway and make it difficult for a patient to breathe. Different types of COPD include: asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. Our providers can educate you on the symptoms of COPD, including: shortness of breath, chronic coughing, fatigue, blueness of the lips and wheezing. From there, if you are diagnosed with COPD, you and your provider can develop a customized treatment plan.

What is a respiratory therapist?

At Fraser Medical Clinic, we offer respiratory therapist consultations. Our respiratory therapist will enlighten you on the most common respiratory diseases, as well as monitor and diagnose your illness. From there, our therapist can track progress of your chronic illness and alter your management plan based on their findings.

What is a certified diabetes educator?

Our clinic also offers counseling with a certified diabetes educator. A diabetes educator has extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of diabetes—one of the most common chronic illnesses in existence. Our certified diabetes educator informs patients on diabetes awareness, prevention, and management. If you are at risk for developing diabetes, based on family or medical history, our certified diabetes educator informs you of risk factors and possible ways to prevent developing the disease over the course of your lifetime.

What is weight loss management and obesity care?

Weight loss management and obesity care can be successfully monitored and managed by a certified practitioner. With the practitioner and patient working in tandem, obesity can be treated.*

At Fraser Medical Clinic, we have a certified practitioner available for consultations, in-office, on Tuesdays. They will discuss your weight loss goals and draft an ideal management plan. From there, they will create a customized treatment plan that you are comfortable with. Obesity care and weight loss management is key to preventing complications and the development of related, more severe diseases down the line.

What is a health risk assessment?

Our providers perform an in-depth health risk assessment, identifying any lifestyle factors that may lead to other illnesses or diseases later in life. One of the most common health risks we see is smoking. Smoking is incredibly hazardous to your health. More than 4.2 million Canadians, ages 15 and older, are smokers. Smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of cancer deaths in Canada and more than 80% of lung cancer deaths. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in Canada. Our providers work avidly and closely with our patients who are looking for a way to quit smoking.

What is mental health management?

Our providers offer confidential, intimate mental health management sessions to identify the cause of your mental health issue. First, they check for any underlying illnesses or lifestyle factors that could be triggering a change in your mental health. From there, they develop a plan of action that best suits you. From medications, to further testing and evaluation, and therapy, our expert medical professionals will find the best treatment possible for you, helping you successfully manage your mental health.*

What are group sessions?

At Fraser Medical Clinic, we also offer group sessions. Some of our popular group sessions include: smoking sessions, diabetic group sessions, and new mother and baby visits. In this group atmosphere, patients can socialize and relate to other individuals like themselves. Whether you are new mom looking for advice and support from other new moms or a long-time smoker seeking support as you try and kick the habit, we are here to help. Every patient is different and some find group sessions very helpful and effective as they navigate through their life transition.

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