Dr. Davis

We are pleased to announce Dr. Davis is joining Fraser Medical Clinic!

Dr. Davis grew up in Maple Ridge, graduated from MRSS, and went on to earn a BS Nursing; he subsequently worked at RidgeMeadows Hospital in the operating room. Dr. Davis left nursing to pursue a career in medicine. Once he completed his medical degree he specialized in Family Practice with a residency in Philadelphia and later worked as a General Practitioner in Seattle Washington. 

Dr. Davis and his family are excited to be back in Maple Ridge. 

Effective November 29th 2021, Dr. Davis will begin to booking introductory “Meet and Greet” for patients without a local family doctor to review with you; medical/social history. ‘Meet and Greet’ appointments are initial meetings between the physician and prospective patients for which the physician does not provide clinical services; it is an informational encounter to establish a fit between patient needs and provider scope of practice. If deemed a good fit the introductory meeting will be follow up up with in person meeting. 

‘Meet and Greet ‘appointments are not available for online booking – please email the office at [email protected] to request an appointment. 

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