Minor procedures in Maple Ridge, BC

At Fraser Medical Clinic, we provide a multitude of services for our patients, including minor medical procedures. Minor procedures can be performed quickly and in the comfort of our Maple Ridge office with same day release. It’s always an advantage when you can have a procedure performed by an office and physician you know and are comfortable with.

What are minor medical procedures?

Minor medical procedures are generally considered minimally invasive operations where the mucus membranes and the skin are the only areas cut out. Some of the minor medical procedures we perform at Fraser Medical Clinic include: cryotherapy, lesion excisions, laceration sutures, removal of sutures/staples, dressing changes, biopsy, enucleation of hemorrhoids, steroid injections, incision and drainage, and ingrown toenails.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a treatment where your healthcare provider applies extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue. To create this severe cold, your provider will use a substance like liquid nitrogen.

Many services are not covered by the Medical Services Plan, including: cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen for hand warts (plantar and genital warts are covered). Please speak to our aesthetic team to see what services we can offer and the related costs.

What are lesion excisions?

If your doctor finds an abnormal, cancerous skin lesion on your body; it should be immediately removed. This will hopefully stop the cancer from growing or spreading to other areas. By performing a lesion excision, the doctor is able to remove the cancerous lesion and the margin (the area surrounding it) and send for testing.

What is laceration suture removal?

Sometimes a cut is so deep, it requires a stitch or a suture. This type of cut is known as a laceration (a deep cut in the skin or flesh). When lacerations are sutured, the healing and removal time varies depending upon the location on the body. We can carefully and quickly remove sutures at our office. This will save you the time, discomfort, and inconvenience of visiting an urgent care or emergency room.

What is the removal of sutures and staples?

As we previously mentioned we remove sutures, but we also remove staples. At Fraser Medical Clinic, our expert providers will carefully assess the area and make sure the healing process was successful. If so, the doctor will remove the staples or sutures. The removal of sutures and staples is typically painless.* Patients report only feeling a small tug.

What are dressing changes?

Sterile dressing changes can be tricky and require patience and care. If performed unhygienically or improperly, the area may not heal properly or an infection can develop. We offer dressing changes, in-office, for patients who need an extra hand. Our providers will closely check the injured area for any signs of infection and carefully change the dressing. Additionally, we will provide advice on how to promote healing and avoid an infection.

What is a biopsy?

The word biopsy can be a scary thing to hear. A biopsy is performed when a doctor notices something abnormal about certain tissue on or within the body. Biopsies are often performed on moles, lumps, or unidentified masses. If you need a biopsy, our doctors at Fraser can perform one carefully and comfortably in our office setting.

What is enucleation of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be painful and just overall uncomfortable to live with. If you are living with hemorrhoids and they are causing you intense pain or chronic discomfort, we can help. At our office, we enucleate hemorrhoids from the body. Enucleation is removal without cutting into the body. Therefore, there is minimal pain and healing time following the procedure.*

What are steroid injections?

If you are suffering from chronic inflammation and joint pain, steroid injections may help.* Our providers at Fraser Medical Clinic can assess your situation and determine if you would be a good candidate for steroid injections. Injecting steroids, also known as cortisone, into the affected area, reduces inflammation.*

What is incision and drainage?

Incision and drainage is a minor surgical procedure used when there is a buildup of pressure or pus in certain areas.  This procedure is a common way to treat an infected paranasal sinus, boil, or abscess. First, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic. Then, an incision is made into the affected area. Finally, the area is drained either with suction or naturally. Typically, the area is cleaned and bandaged following this procedure.

What are ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails are not only painful but they can lead to an infection if not handled properly. You can usually tell if you have an ingrown toenail by the appearance of redness and feeling of pain at the corner of the toe. Lifting or removing the toenail can resolve the issue. Additionally, antibiotics may be administered to prevent or heal an infection. If you are living with diabetes, ingrown toenails can become more common and more dangerous. Usually self-treatable, it is wise to visit your physician to treat an ingrown toenail if you think the area is infected, it is causing you pain that is severe or spreading, or if you have diabetes and are concerned a complication may occur.

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