Missed Appointments

  • Canceled appointments, no show, or missed phone call appointments:
  • Appointments not cancelled at least 2 business days in advance are charged to the patient at a rate of $50.
  • Patients are responsible for canceling appointments not needed, and reminders are not routinely provided.
  • This is a clinic-wide policy that applies to all patients


We do not tolerate rude and abusive behaviour towards clinic staff. This may result in your dismissal from the practice.

Harassment-Free Work Environment

We strive to make your interactions with our office pleasant. Please reciprocate by maintaining respectful behavior. Our zero-tolerance policy for aggression is in place for everyone’s well-being.

Publicly expressing dissatisfaction on social media may lead to immediate dismissal from the practice. For any concerns, kindly communicate with clinic administration via email to maintain a constructive patient-physician relationship.

Unvaccinated Patients Policy

For the safety of both our valued patients and dedicated staff, all members of our team, including providers, have received full vaccination.

Unvaccinated patients may be asked to visit the clinic at specific times during outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases to avoid contact with at-risk individuals.

Internal Transfers

Routine transfers to another doctor within the clinic is not permitted. The clinic operates as a team to provide primary care, with doctors supporting each other’s patients, when they are away on vacation etc.

Patient-Doctor Relationships

In order to provide you with the best possible care, a complimentary doctor-patient relationship is necessary. If for any reason this relationship becomes compromised, then it may be best for both parties to end the relationship.

Contact Info & Communications

To enhance medical correspondence, we use online tools and messaging. Stay informed with clinic updates and newsletters.

Ensure your safety by keeping your contact info current. Update your file with the receptionist for the best phone number, email, home address, and emergency contact details. We heavily rely on email for various communications, including clinic updates, specialist appointments, and lab requisitions.

Controlled Medications

In response to the opioid crisis, our office now requires thorough evaluation before prescribing opioids. This includes medical records, a urine drug screen, and PharmaNet reports.

If prescribed, a yearly controlled substance agreement must be signed. Read it carefully for vital details not covered in this policy.

Regular monitoring during scheduled office visits is crucial, typically every one to three months. Opioid refills can’t be given over the phone without prior arrangement. Lost or stolen medications can’t be replaced.

Embracing a holistic approach, we encourage other medical treatments like therapy and heat to enhance pain management. While eliminating all pain may not be possible, our goal is to restore functional levels. Your well-being is our priority!

Same Day Urgent Care

Whenever possible, we ask our patients to avoid the use of other walk-in clinics, as they do not have your medical history and do not send reports to our office. Your Physician has same day visits built into the schedule. You may call the office in the morning to request availability.

Note: If you decide to go to a walk-in instead, the Ministry of Health will notify your Physician and your access care in the clinic may be revoked. If you have a more serious problem, such as chest pain or a suspected stroke, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department.

Prescription Refills

To maintain your care, a medication review appointment is necessary before a refill. For ongoing prescriptions, this can be done through a phone appointment.

In certain cases, your Family Doctor may call to assist without a physical exam. Ensure your contact info is current for timely phone appointments. Missed calls may incur no-show fees. Your well-being is our priority!

It is requested that you please anticipate your prescription renewals and book an appointment at least two weeks before you run out.

Test Results

All test results are reviewed by a doctor in the clinic. We kindly ask patients to follow up on their test results with an appointment – ether by phone or in-clinic.

Please make a follow up appointment at the time of the physician giving you the requisition. Ask what time frame is appropriate for the test and make the follow up appointment.


Upon referral by our physicians, either our office or the specialist’s will reach out with your appointment details.

Our aim is to schedule your appointment within two business days, but specialist wait lists may cause delays. We’ll inform you of the waitlist duration before you leave our clinic. If you don’t hear from us or the specialist within a month, kindly reach out for assistance in confirming your appointment. Your timely care is our priority!


Fraser Medical has dedicated free parking on the north side of the building. One hour, two hours, and handicap parking is available on 224th, 119th, and MacIntosh Avenue.

Wheelchair Access

Our clinic is on the ground floor. We have large exam rooms and hallways to allow space for wheelchairs and walkers.  We have automatic front doors.


We have a gender-neutral washroom, one washroom is large enough to allow for wheelchair use. Please give us feedback if we need to change things to make them more accessible.