Appointments can be booked at our office, over the phone or online.  We offer both in-person and phone visits, depending on the nature of the visit. To provide the best possible care for our patients, we reserve phone visits for chronic, stable conditions, test results, minor health issues, or repeat prescriptions.

Choose between in-person or phone visits based on your needs. Reserve phone visits for chronic conditions, test results, minor issues, or repeat prescriptions. Inform the receptionist about your visit reason for proper scheduling.

For services like complete physicals, immunizations, or procedures, let the receptionist know as they may require extra time or specific preparations.

Our priority is for registered patients, but we accommodate urgent care for non-patients when possible.

Same-day appointments for sick children or urgent care please call at 9:00 am for availability.

For respiratory symptoms or fever, call to book the right appointment. Masks encouraged for upper respiratory symptoms, not mandatory.

Your Family Doctor may call for non-physical examinations – update contact info for timely phone appointments. Missed calls may incur fees.

Receptionists can’t provide medical advice but may contact you on behalf of your Family Doctor. Discuss health concerns during appointments.

Arrive on time to help us stay on schedule. Unexpected emergencies may cause delays – thank you for your patience.